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GenuinePurity™ Spermidine

Promotes Cellular Renewal For Healthy Aging & Longevity

GenuinePurity Spermidine is made with 99% pure spermidine naturally sourced from wheat germ. With a potent daily dose of 8mg, this formula promotes autophagy, a cellular process crucial for eliminating damaged components and maintaining overall health. Rigorous 3rd party testing ensures authenticity, offering users a natural and effective way to support longevity and overall well-being.

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100% Naturally Derived Spermidine

Watch out for synthetic spermidine products. These cheap "knockoffs" have not been tested on humans. Compare that to 100% naturally sourced spermidine from wheat germ, which has been relied on by men and women for its multiple health benefits for centuries.

A Daily 8 mg Dose

Many spermidine products “inflate” the amount in each dose with clever wording. When in fact, they are only providing a meager dose of 1mg, 3mg, or 5mg. But not so with GenuinePurity™ Spermidine. What you see on the label is what you get! Each daily dose contains 8 mg of spermidine.

Advanced Bioavailability Through Liposomal Encapsulation


Our spermidine formula is made with cutting-edge liposomal encapsulation technology, enhancing effectiveness in three key ways:


Establishes a protective "shield" to safeguard spermidine from stomach acids, preserving its integrity.


Heightens solubility, streamlining the absorption process for seamless entry into your bloodstream.


Enhances cellular uptake by facilitating liposomal fusion with cell membranes, ensuring direct delivery of spermidine to your cells.

Spermidine Sourced From Wheat Germ

frontiers Wheat germ was reported as one of the natural sources of high polyamine, especially spermidine.”

- Food Science & Nutrition Volume 11, Issue 11 | 2023

Wheat germ, the nutrient-rich core of the wheat kernel, has a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Plus, it’s a naturally rich reservoir of spermidine!

Researchers propose that spermidine found in wheat germ stimulates processes such as autophagy, fortifies cellular health, and plays a role in anti-aging effects, rendering it a valuable component for overall well-being.

3rd Party Tested for Your Assurance & Peace of Mind

We prioritize your safety and peace of mind, which is why our formula undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing. This ensures that you receive authentic spermidine, every time. Which is important because as the remarkable anti-aging benefits of spermidine gain recognition, the market is inundated with potentially counterfeit products lacking proof of authenticity. Thank you for trusting in our commitment to transparency and quality.

Studies Show Spermidine Extends Lifespan

quote-black Autophagy is the main mechanism of spermidine in delaying aging and prolonging lifespan”


Aging and Disease | 2021

quote-black …supplementation of spermidine extends lifespan and health span across species”


– Autophagy Journal | April 2019

quote-black External supply of the natural polyamine spermidine can extend life span”

Impact Journals

– Impact Journals | April 2018

Autophagy Stimulation:
Autophagy, a cellular process involving the recycling of damaged or malfunctioning cellular components, is stimulated by spermidine. This induction may assist cells in eliminating dysfunctional elements and maintaining cellular health.
Inflammation Lowering Effects
Prolonged inflammation is correlated with aging and age-related health concerns. Spermidine has been proposed to aid in reducing inflammation, potentially contributing to overall health and longevity.
Mitochondrial Function:
Spermidine has been associated with enhanced mitochondrial function. Mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles in cells, play a crucial role in overall cellular health, and spermidine's connection to improved mitochondrial function is noteworthy.

Enhances Cardiovascular Functionality

Spermidine has beneficial effects on health and lifespan in mice, and that these effects are the result of improved cardiovascular function”

- Not Med | 2016

frontiers spermidine-fed rats manifested delayed onset of hypertension, attenuated cardiac hypertrophy, and improved diastolic function”

American Heart Association Journals

- American Heart Association Journals | 2017

Blood Vessel Function:
Spermidine has been explored for its potential to enhance blood vessel function. It may contribute to maintaining the flexibility and dilation of blood vessels, essential for normal blood flow and healthy blood pressure.
Anti-Inflammatory Effects:
Prolonged inflammation has been shown to contribute to cardiovascular issues. Spermidine's investigated inflammation-reducing properties may play a role in safeguarding the cardiovascular system.
Powerful Antioxidant:
Spermidine exhibits antioxidant properties, aiding in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. As you may know, having too many free radicals can contribute to oxidative stress, linked to cardiovascular problems. By mitigating oxidative stress, spermidine may contribute to heart protection.

Improves Metabolic Well-Being

Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies consistently showed that increased spermidine and polyamine catabolism had beneficial effects on metabolic pathways”


- Science Direct | 2021

frontiers In 2018, two animal studies consistently showed that spermidine supplementation caused a significant loss of weight and improved insulin resistance in high-fat diet-induced obese mice”

- Journal Nutrients | 2022

frontiers Spermidine is a biogenic polyamine that plays a crucial role in mammalian metabolism.”

- Journal Nutrients | 2023

Autophagy and Cellular Health:
Spermidine has demonstrated the capacity to induce autophagy, a cellular process responsible for breaking down and recycling damaged or dysfunctional cellular components. This process is pivotal for sustaining cellular health and may contribute to overall metabolic function.
Insulin Sensitivity:
Several studies suggest that spermidine may have an impact on insulin sensitivity. Enhanced insulin sensitivity is linked to improved glucose metabolism and a reduced risk of insulin resistance, a key factor in metabolic challenges.
AMPK Activation:
Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an enzyme crucial for cellular energy balance. Research indicates that spermidine may activate AMPK, potentially influencing metabolism, including improved glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation.

Promotes & Protects Cognitive Abilities

quote the maintenance of mitochondrial and autophagic function is essential for enhanced cognition by spermidine”


– CellPress | 2021

quote [Spermidine] is involved in preserving mitochondria and cognitive function”


– Frontiers Journal | April 2022

Autophagy Activation:
Unleashing the power of autophagy, spermidine exhibits a remarkable ability to kickstart this cellular process crucial for eliminating damaged or dysfunctional cellular components. This pivotal mechanism is indispensable for nurturing neuron health and could play a pivotal role in bolstering overall cognitive function.
Neurogenesis Boost:
Emerging studies hint at spermidine's potential to fuel neurogenesis, the intricate process of generating new neurons in the brain. This facet holds particular significance for cognitive function, serving as a key player in the ongoing quest for maintaining optimal brain health.
Guarding Against Neurodegenerative Hurdles:
Dive into the realm of potential neuroprotection with spermidine. Preliminary research explores its capacity to shield against neurodegenerative hurdles, often rooted in the accumulation of misfolded proteins and oxidative stress. Spermidine's dual action—inducing autophagy and alleviating oxidative stress—stands as a formidable ally in the ongoing battle for neuroprotection.

Diminishes Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

Spermidine, a natural polyamine, has been reported to regulate inflammation through inducing anti-inflammatory (M2) macrophages”

- Science Direct | 2020

Dampening Inflammatory Responses:
Spermidine showcases the potential to finely tune the production of inflammatory mediators, including cytokines and chemokines. These molecular “orchestrators” are pivotal in the inflammatory response, and spermidine's adept regulation of their production holds the promise of fostering an effective anti-inflammatory impact.
Interference with Inflammatory Pathways:
Enter the realm of inflammation modulation with spermidine, known for its ability to disrupt specific signaling pathways intricately linked to inflammation. One notable target is the interference with nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-KB), a transcription factor wielding significant influence over immune and inflammatory responses.
Autophagy-Driven Anti-Inflammatory Benefits:
Unveiling a novel avenue for anti-inflammatory support, spermidine's induction of autophagy sets the stage for indirect yet potent contributions. By promoting the removal of damaged cellular components, autophagy becomes a crucial player in mitigating inflammation, thereby enhancing spermidine's potential to provide robust anti-inflammatory support.

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