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GenuinePurity™ Fisetin

GenuinePurity™ Fisetin provides you with the most powerful senolytic compound known to mankind, at a clinically studied dose, in a simple daily formula. We also enhanced the effectiveness with a Liposomal Encapsulation Technology for even better results.

  • Defends Against Cellular Damage
  • Reduces Harmful Inflammation
  • Improves Cognitive Functions
  • Enhances Healthspan & Lifespan
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Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Senolytic: FISETIN

Findings: Of the 10 flavonoids tested, fisetin was the most potent senolytic.”
- EBioMedicine | October 2018

A groundbreaking 2018 study published in EBioMedicine titled “Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan” explores fisetin's ability to eliminate senescent cells.

As you likely know, fisetin is found in various fruits and vegetables. But what you may not realize is this tiny phytonutrient packs a mighty punch against the malfunctioning cells known as "zombies". These damaged cells refuse to die, slowly building up over the decades. But new research reveals they actually cause harm by releasing toxic substances linked to health problems and faster aging.

The good news is recent clinical trials point to fisetin as a solution. By neutralizing these stubborn "undead" cells, fisetin has demonstrated an ability to improve wellness and extend lifespan. So if you’re seeking a natural defense against the cellular changes of growing older, GenuinePurity™ Fisetin is a remarkable option.

Made With A Clinically Studied Dose

Importantly, no adverse effects of fisetin have been reported, even when given at high doses. Thus, our results suggest that supplementation … with this safe, natural product could improve healthy aging, even in elderly individuals.”

The research agrees - supplementing with fisetin is well tolerated. And preliminary findings hint lower amounts may outperform higher doses. That's why our formula is made with a clinically studied dose of 150 mg.

One of the most astounding animal trials saw fisetin swiftly reducing "zombie-like" cells in fat tissues of youthful mice within just 5 days.

Optimized For Maximum Effectiveness With Liposomal Encapsulation Technology


Our state-of-the-art formula is made with a liposomal encapsulation technology that helps increase the effectiveness of fisetin in three distinct ways:

  • #1 Forms a safeguarding "shield," protecting the fisetin from stomach acids and preserving the integrity
  • #2 Amplifies solubility, simplifying the absorption process for the fisetin to enter your bloodstream effortlessly
  • #3 Elevates cellular uptake by facilitating liposomal fusion with cell membranes, ensuring the fisetin is delivered directly to your cells

WARNING: Beware of “Fake” Fisetin

As fisetin's impressive science expands, a range of products now claim to contain this powerful compound. But unfortunately, many products are not made with fisetin at all. Because there’s very little oversight or regulations to stop these shady practices from happening.

That's why GenuinePurity™ takes pride in transparency. And that’s also why we display our Certificate of Analysis with every formula. Liposomal Fisetin included. This way you can know you’re getting real fisetin instead of wishing and hoping.

A Powerful Antioxidant for Defending Against Oxidative Stress & Cellular Damage

[Fisetin] acts as an antioxidant … maintains mitochondrial function in the presence of oxidative stress…”
ARS - Antioxidant & Redox Signaling
Fisetin is a flavonoid that exhibits potent antioxidant properties and protects the cells against oxidative stress”
Frontiers - Frontiers
Antioxidant Capabilities:
Fisetin is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize reactive oxygen species and free radicals. Their overproduction contributes to oxidative stress, which damages cells. By limiting these threats, fisetin counters cellular damage.
Cellular Defense:
Fisetin may spark various intrinsic defenses, switching on antioxidant enzymes working to preserve wellness. By boosting their activities, fisetin supports the body's power to withstand oxidative turbulence and maintain cellular security.
Mitochondrial Safeguarding:
As energy hubs within cells, mitochondria are prone to oxidative harm. Research suggests fisetin fortifies mitochondria from oxidative stresses, allowing their functions and structures to remain sound. This preserves the cellular infrastructure for sustained well-being.

A Natural Way to Reduce Inflammation

Recent clinical trials have reported that fisetin (100 mg) supplements taken for seven consecutive weeks significantly reduced inflammation markers”
- International Journal of Molecular Sciences
[Fisetin] inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and enzymes, which can help to reduce inflammation in the body”
Frontiers - ScienceDirect
Inflammatory Mediator Mitigation:
Research shows fisetin suppresses generation and function of various pro-inflammatory players such as cytokines and chemokines, key actors in inflammation.
Modulated Pathway Interference:
Fisetin hinders specific chains linked to inflammation, reportedly obstructing activation of nuclear factor-kappa B. This conductor greatly steers inflammatory responses. Because of this, fisetin could regulate the inflammatory cascade.
Enzyme Expression Edging:
Reports indicate fisetin restricts enzymes involved in synthesizing pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes, like cyclooxygenase-2 and lipoxygenase. Taming these enzymes likely modulates the inflammatory effect.

Protects & Promotes Brain Function

Fisetin … possesses potential neuroprotective effects. Fisetin also enhances learning and memory, decreases neuronal cell death, and suppresses oxidative stress.”
Bentham Science - Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Fisetin is effective at preventing loss of cognitive function and maintaining brain health in multiple, distinct models of dementia.”
IOS Press - Brain Plasticity
Neurological Enhancements:
Research suggests fisetin boosts generation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a growth agent for neurons linked to better cognition and neural flexibility.
Anti-Clumping Capabilities:
Studies indicate fisetin may inhibit the clustering of beta-amyloid, accumulation of which marks neurological disharmony. Hindering this process potentially safeguards brain function.
Signaling Stewardship:
Fisetin appears able to impact diverse cellular signaling streams involved in synaptic learning, neuronal endurance and intellect. It reportedly conducts the mTOR pathway associated with neuropreservation and smarts.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

…Fisetin treatment improved cardiac function…”
- International Heart Journal
Additionally, fisetin attenuated LPS-induced mortality and abnormalities in zebrafish larvae and normalized the heart rate.”
Nature - Scientific Reports
Lipid Lifting:
Research explores fisetin's potential to positively shape lipid profiles. Some findings suggest it reduces totals for cholesterol, unhealthy LDL and triglycerides while elevating heart-shielding HDL. Cultivating desirable lipid levels fortifies the cardiovascular system.
Vessel Vasodilation:
Reports show fisetin wields vasodilating ways, relaxing arteries to boost circulation and moderate blood pressure—further guarding cardiovascular function with less strain on the heart.
Anti-Clotting Activity:
Fisetin's antiplatelet aptitudes have been scrutinized as it may thwart overzealous clumping of fibrinogens. Excessive congregation can instigate thrombus formation linked to unwanted cardiovascular outcomes.

Enhances Healthspan and Extends Lifespan

Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan”
Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic
Fisetin… has been found to have a significant positive effect on the health and longevity of older mice.”
- Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
Senescent Slayer:
Fisetin shows promise as a senolytic skilled at selectively eliminating aged yet metabolically active cells no longer duplicating. As they can disturb tissues and spike inflammation, clearing these senescent cells through fisetin may optimize wellness and extend lifespan.
Cellular Champion:
Research probes fisetin's capacity to bolster mitochondrial functions and cell health crucial to avoided decline linked to maturing. Supporting mitochondrial integrity potentially furthers longevity.
DNA Defender:
Oxidative turmoil can compromise genetic coding. Fisetin has been eyed for abilities to aid DNA's mending motifs, critical to maintaining chromosomal security and staving off mutation buildups tied to health issues.

How Fisetin Works As A Senolytic

Fisetin reduced senescence in a subset of cells in murine and human adipose tissue”
-MDPI - Antioxidants

Senescent cells, nicknamed “zombie” cells, are dysfunctional cells that don’t die. Accumulating over several years, their presence corrupts genetic operations, damages DNA and propels the maturing pattern.

Fisetin is a senolytic, selectively targeting these cells for termination. In fact, fisetin is the planet's most powerful senolytic. Findings link the removal of senescent cells to improved wellness and extended lifespan.

Proudly Made In The USA, In cGMP-Certified Facilities

GenuinePurity™ Fisetin is made in cGMP-certified facilities, right here in the USA, to ensure the highest quality possible. This means we follow the highest manufacturing standards so you can feel confident every time you order our formulas.


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